03 The mesospheric H2O and CO response to solar irradiance changes in the model and observed data

04 Measuring slope-scale crack propagation in weak snowpack layers

05 Temporal evolution of snow on Arctic sea ice during MOSAiC

06 Triggering glide-snow avalanches with low friction geotextiles

07 Load-bearing capacity of geotextile bags for anchors in avalanche and rockfall protection

09 Multispectral Time-of-Flight Range Imaging: Towards a 3.5 D Camera

16 Educational participation & space - On the location dependency of school selection in Switzerland

17 Spartavias: Language biographies of young adults form the Romansh and Italian areas of Grisons

18 Credits, correspondence, conflicts: Transregional interdependencies in late medieval Grisons

19 How to celebrate barrier-free liturgy?

26 In vitro and ex vivo models to test the anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects of small molecules in osteoarthritis

27 Ribosome Profiling to Identify Differentially Regulated Translational Events in Differentiating Human T Cell Populations

28 Bio-inspired optical sensors for continuous glucose monitoring

29 Papain-Induced Ex Vivo Model for Intervertebral Disc Degeneration and the Influence of Daily Physiological Loading

30 High impact loading organ culture model to investigate the post-traumatic disc degenerative condition

31 Continuous monitoring of bone healing by measurement of fracture callus stiffness

47 Patient-specific aiming device increases precision of guide wire placement in arthritic glenoids – an experimental study

48 Towards a reproducible intervertebral disc model – a bioprintable nucleus pulposus-like material

49 The missing link: From mechanical intervertebral disc overloading to low back pain

50 Pathologic femur fractures following surgery and radiotherapy for soft tissue sarcomas: They don’t heal!