Conference "Graubünden forscht 2020" – online edition

Image: Oliver Schwager

Conference program & abstracts


The Graduate School Graubünden (GSGR) welcomes you to the seventh conference “Graubünden forscht – The Young Researchers Convention” from September 23 to 24, 2020. Owing to the Corona Pandemic, we decided in June 2020 to hold the conference online this year. This decision was not an easy one for all of us. The presentation of research projects and networking are the main purposes of our event. While we can cover the first point well with an online event, personal exchanges are very limited in this format.

Nonetheless, we will do our best to provide participants with a positive experience over the course of two days, allowing them to look beyond the boundaries of their own research discipline and to learn more about research in the canton of Grisons.

In a way, this conference also symbolizes a fresh start. “Graubünden forscht” will take place for the last time under the umbrella of the GSGR in 2020. The tasks and services of the GSGR will be reintegrated into the parent organization Academia Raetica as of January 1, 2021. This step will allow us to better concentrate our resources and use them for the benefit of the research location Grisons. This step would not have been possible without the support of the Canton of Grisons, who intends to support Academia Raetica with a performance mandate for the period 2021 to 2024. We see this as a further recognition of the importance of the research location Grisons.

We sincerely thank all contributing scientists, chairpersons, reviewers, team members, the organizing committee, and ultimately our sponsors for their efforts and support. We wish all participants a fruitful and stimulating conference.

Prof. Dr. med. Walter Reinhart, President Graduate School Graubünden

Duri Bezzola, Director Graduate School Graubünden & Academia Raetica

The Graduate School Graubünden thanks Academia Raetica, its affiliations, and the following organisations for their generous support: